Monday, March 25, 2013

Back in the Saddle

OK, folks, after a hiatus, I'm back in the blog saddle.  I feel like slinging some words like a rootin'-tootin', fast-shootin' hired gun. 

Words charge me up.  They are the heart of my business.  I like to write them, to think them, to speak them, to discover them. 

I like the way words tumble out of some people like a wet snowball traveling down a mountain.  I like the way they slowly, lazily drip like honey from a Southerner's mouth and the way they march in a soldier formation, clipped and precise, out of a Northerner's.

I literally love alliteration.  Poetry mesmerizes me.  Haiku fascinates me.  Prose delights me.

Words carry meaning.  They can soothe the soul, charge the conscience, inflame the senses and tickle the funny bone. 

Words carry weight.  Nations are built on them.  Wars are fought over them.  Marriages are mended and destroyed with them.  Children are shaped and molded by them.  Lives are forever changed by single, individual words.

Some will serve you well.  Some will undo you.  But all will connect you.

What are some of your favorite words?  Leave them in the comments...


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  2. You have a gift and you use it well. Thank you for the smiles you bring and for the inspiration provided!